Our History

Mark D. Hayes is the founder and original designer of TCI America as we see it today. While working under the direction of the Rhode Island Attorney General's office, Mark recognized a floundering industry of police and firefighter fundraising; it was obvious there was a real need for this service.

In 1977 Telco Communications (TCI America) was founded. Mark, with his wife Kathleen, applied modern business practices and standards. He created a company with solid personnel and a legal department to communicate with state regulatory procedure and went to court to establish new fundraising law that was clear and fair. He standardized operating procedures for training, accounting, and innovative and exciting programs. The company took off and within five years was operating nationally. TCI was listed in INC. 500 Magazine twice as one of "America's Fastest Growing Companies".

Today TCI America is a multi-million dollar company employing over one hundred people with over two hundred clients. Mark has a B.A. degree from Roger Williams University and attended the University of North Carolina for a M.A. in clinical psychology. He enjoys visiting his home in Costa Rica and spending time with his four children and three grandchildren.