We Help to Protect Your Children

The Safety Squad Coloring Books: Safety is one of the most important things you can teach your child. TCI's "The Safety Squad Coloring Book" is designed to prepare and teach children, in a non-threatening manner, the fundamentals of being safe. We print and distribute these fun and educational activity books free of charge because we want to help you in keeping your children safe. 

Children Identification ProgramAs scary as it may be to think about, child abduction is an issue in our world. Our Children Identification Program is designed to do everything possible to keep the children of your community safe if something were to happen. The program provides parents with a DNA kit as well as standardized personal safety documents for their children including an instant color photo, which police say is the most essential thing in finding a missing child. If anything were to happen to a child in your town you would want to be prepared, and that is what we try to accomplish with this program.