Why TCI?

With thirty years of experience in conducting fundraisers for police and fire organizations, TCI has developed a reputation for running professional campaigns that positively reflect your image in the community. Having conducted over 5,000 of these campaigns, TCI has the knowledge and the experience to ensure that your drive will achieve your financial objectives. At the same time, you will enhance your reputation and create a more positive relationship with the citizens of your community. 

Our imaginative staff will develop creative and diverse fundraising programs that will continue to engage and entertain your community and sustain their support year after year. We are always the innovator, never the imitator. 

We Do All of the Work: We handle all aspects of the telemarketing campaign. Your only commitment is to meet with our representatives every Friday during the fundraiser to account for those funds collected during the week. We establish the office, install the phones, provide personnel, and pay all costs relating to your campaign.

Our Programs Cost You Nothing: The revenues generated through the fundraiser cover all operations and program expenses. You are guaranteed a percentage of the gross revenues, which are paid to you on a weekly basis. There are no "hidden" expenses left for you to pay.

We Keep You Involved: We value your involvement and opinions throughout the campaign. Your account executive will meet with you before, during and after the campaign to ensure that all of your questions are answered, and will always be available to discuss any concerns that you may have. If you wish, you may arrange for an officer of your organization to directly observe our fundraising operations, or visit our home office in Seekonk, Massachusetts. 

We Value Your Good Name: We understand that how your campaign is conducted directly reflects your image in the community. Every aspect of your campaign is conducted with the highest standards of honesty, credibility, and integrity.